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Vaillant Gas Boiler and Windhager Pellet Boiler

Offering specialist engineering for the Heating Industry, covering most heating technologies, we offer both standard and bespoke solutions.

The evolution of our services and products are as a result of the need for energy efficient products or to overcome a problem with an existing installation, examples of which are listed below;

Excessive Energy Costs

Poor Heating Performance or Distribution

Insufficient Control

Unreliability of Heating Appliances or Systems

Lack of Domestic Hot Water

Inferior Water Pressure and/or Flow

No Installer or Product Support

We would invite you to explore the options by clicking on the various links at the top of this page and also refer to our technical articles designed to assist both experienced engineers and end users alike.

Multi Fuel Heating Schematic

Interested in Multi Fuel System?

If you are investigating a Bivalent System and are are looking for equipment or advice on how to acheive your goals, please refer to the various links at the top of this or any other page

Solutions are available to combine almost all types of appliances, from Gas or Oil Boilers, Biomass Boilers, Wood Burning Stoves or Solar Thermal, we are able to help.

Also available are suggested Schematics in the "Heating Schematics" section to combine the various types of appliances commonly available, they are a guideline only and the manufacturer of any appliance must be consulted to ensure suitability.

Already own a Bivalent System and would like to adapt or make improvements,
please contact us to discuss.

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